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To examine real functional array for Bluetooth bike intercoms in both an in-town environment as well as a country atmosphere and gain access to their capacity to reconnect after being out of range. Examination is not designed to identify bike to bike range in all problems however it should stand for the two most usual problems when riding with a Bluetooth motorbike headset.


In-town - Test was carried out along Hwy 70 East in New Bern North Carolina. This is a town commercial atmosphere with red light, gas stations as well as auto dealerships and so on. All intercom versions were tested at full battery charge. Weather was clear as well as 75 degrees.

Rural Setting - Examination was carried out down a straight dirt roadway concerning 1/2 mile from the closest house and also a number of miles from quit lights or organisations. Test was view as there were no edges for 0.8 miles. There was nonetheless a radio station tower about 1 mile away (which we found out after the examination) and we were 8 miles from a Marine Corps Air Base (Cherry Factor) which no question avoids some radar and also various other signals. Weather condition was clear and concerning 72 levels. All intercom models were checked at full battery charge.

Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom Array Test Treatment

In-town Environment Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom Array Test - Each examination was done with one non-moving headset in the open at 3-4 feet high close to the straight accessibility road. Range was called out every 0.1 miles on the odometer and sound was recorded to verify high quality and also repeatability. There is one stop light concerning 0.25 miles away from the beginning point in each direction.

Rural Environment Bluetooth Motorbike Intercom Array Test - Each examination was done with 2 non-moving headsets. We attempted to obtain audio recordings of all headsets back to back at a particular range but having 4 Bluetooth headsets powered up in close distance compromised the signal of SOME of the units so rather we examined one headset at a time at 0.1 mi, 0.2 mi, 0.4 mi etc.

Examination Samples (Product Models).

HBC200 by UClear (preliminary launch firmware).

Interphone F5 - by Cellular Line.

Scala Cyclist G9 by Cardo (first release firmware V 1.2).

SMH10 by Sena Bluetooth (V 4.0 firmware).

UClear HBC200.

Claimed Intercom Range - "approximately 700m/ 0.43 miles" with 2 headsets.

Notes - Unlike the Sena SMH10 the UClear HBC200 seems to make use of VOX also when music is not playing. Instead of having a warm microphone it appears to totally silence the audio speakers other than when someone is chatting. This behaves in some pertains to however instead of awaiting 20 seconds of silence before silencing it does so virtually immediately after the individual on the other headset stops chatting. This can cause some inflammation when the initial syllable obtains reduced off. The inconvenience element most definitely rises as you get better away where it appears like the discussion starts and also stopped extremely promptly and also many syllables obtain shed. UClear claims their usage of Super Group Innovation and also Multi-Hop attribute will permit "as much as 10 or more" HBC200 headsets could be linked. However we only had 2 headsets offered for screening so we can not confirm if this would certainly prolong the range or not.

In-town Instructions 1 - The communication was clear at 0.1 miles and also operating at 0.2 miles but then went completely silent when passing the junction with a red light before 0.3 miles.

In-town Instructions 2 - The link was clearer at 0.2 miles in this direction and also 0.4 miles seemed to be usable. At 0.5 miles the connection was shed. The HBC200 headset systems did not automatically reconnect after the return journey and the intercom discussion had to be re-initiated by pushing the headset button.

Rural Setting - we were fairly disappointed in the appropriate range found with apparently no interference around. At 0.2 miles the speech was clear and there was no fixed but we had problems with the VOX removing syllables. At 0.4 miles the intercom was not useful. We are not specifically sure why several of the headsets worked as well or much better in community compared to in the rural setting but the HBC200 did not appear to gain from being out "in the sticks.".

Interphone F5.

Asserted Intercom Array - "approximately 1300m or 0.8 miles" with 2 headsets expanding up to "2400m or 1.49 miles" with 6 headsets spaced flawlessly apart.

Notes - The Interphone F5 does a good job of silencing the audio speakers when the other headset's microphones are not being used. Nonetheless, throughout speech there is some minor static noise (scratchiness) in the history of the voice. This promptly vanishes when the other individual quits talking.

In-town Instructions 1 - The Interphone F5 was clear at 0.1 miles and usable at 0.2 miles. It transferred a whole lot of noise around the quit light and although it was attempting to transmit and communicate at 0.4 miles the speech was totally muddled. At 0.5 miles it alerted via voice trigger that intercom was separated. Returning it automatically re-connected the conversation as well as offered a voice prompt mentioning "intercom connected" when we went to 0.1 miles apart.

In-town Instructions 2 - The F5 intercom conversation was distorted as we went through the crossway at 0.25 miles and also a great deal of interference which seemed like a synthesizer playing songs was listened to/ recorded. At 0.5 miles the intercom again detached and also the connection was re-established when we came back to within 0.1 miles of the various other headset.

In-town Instructions 1 with a Third F5 headset - Interphone declares that having extra headsets in the team will certainly expand the series of the team. We established one headset at 0.15 miles as well as ran the very same examination as above. The red light crossway still clambered the signal as well as created a great deal of digitized songs audio to ensure that it was primarily pointless beyond of the crossway nonetheless we had the ability to most likely to 0.6 miles and also reverse without coming across the "intercom inaccessible" message as well as the relay result appeared in order to help clearness greater than harm it. The city atmosphere could be a far better examination for this attribute of the Interphone F5 so we will certainly repeat it once again in our following examination without stoplights and organisations around.

At 0.9 miles it notified through speech that the intercom connection was lost. Upon returning we were informed at 0.4 miles that the intercom was attached and speech was promptly clear.

Sena SMH10.

Declared Intercom Range - "approximately 900 meters/ 0.56 miles".

Notes - While the SMH10 has a VOX feature readily available when there is a songs source we did not use music during this test and rather selected the "open mic" intercom telephone call. The SMH10 for that reason sends whatever as well as while attached there is a minor hum also when nobody is speaking.

In-town Direction 1 - The Sena SMH10 was clear at 0.1 miles and also relied on a digitized static at 0.2 miles and also forward.

In-town Direction 2 - The Sena was clear at 0.1 decent at 0.2 miles but became unknown as we went with the stoplight at 0.3 miles. It remained connected and was useful at 0.4 miles but at 0.5 miles there was no audio signal sent. When returning the SMH10 devices were still linked as well as usable at 0.4 miles apart.

Rural Atmosphere Range Examination Sena SMH10 - The discussion was clear at 0.1 miles and also primarily functional at 0.2 miles nonetheless there was most definitely static affecting the discussion. At 0.3 miles there was no signal transferred. Much Like UClear HBC200 the Sena SMH10 functioned as well or much better in town than in the rural setting.

Cardo Scala Biker G9.

Asserted Intercom Variety - "Approximately 1 mile".

Notes - The Scala Biker G9 does a great task of separating and also getting rid of the undesirable noise/ static and distortion from the signal. While the SMH10 has the tendency to let excessive with the Scala Motorcyclist G9 as well as UClear HBC200 could separate way too much, enabling just ideal speech via and also silencing every little thing else. No question some will certainly appreciate this yet some concession of fixed for extra usable range would certainly behave. (In-town test was performed without raising the antennae while the rural test was done with the antennae elevated.

In-town Instructions 1 - We had great hopes that the Scala G9 would certainly be able to conquer the interference however it was not the situation. The Scala Motorcyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles as well as completely silent at 0.2 miles.

In-town Direction 2 - The Scala Motorcyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles and entirely quiet at 0.2 miles.

Rural Environment Variety Examination Scala Motorcyclist G9 - Similar to the in -town condition the Scala Cyclist G9 was clear at 0.1 miles and after that peaceful (no voice signal transferred) at 0.2 miles. Cardo's case of damaging the 1 mile beerier is practically real since they were still "attached" but likewise entirely incorrect because they are not useful at 1.0 miles also with line of site and reduced disturbance.


In the city environment you are most likely to be riding closer with each other and at slower rates so the relatively short range should not actually obstruct making use of these units for connecting bike to bike. In big groups where you can have several vehicles between as well as perhaps obtain stuck at one light while the various other bike proceeds the disturbance noise as well as much shorter variety will certainly cause some nuisance. The Sena SMH10 and Interphone F5 seemed to have the very best usable array as well as ability to remain connected even when interference avoided them from connecting plainly. They did nonetheless, create/ allow the most altered noise/ static to come with while the UClear HBC 200 and Scala G9 avoided that from entering the headset.

Winner Bluetooth Headset Variety Test - Interphone F5 - If bike to bike range is high on your concerns for Bluetooth headset includes you need to seriously take into consideration the Interphone F5. In the rural atmosphere nothing else comes close and including more headsets to the group just extends the variety. Obviously, you might pick among the others and afterwards connect it to a GMRS radio or purchase a ChatterBox X1 Slim to get more range yet we question you will have any complaints with the F5.